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<< Customer Highlight: Wayland Access and Rigging

Wednesday, July 12 2023

Wayland Access and Rigging, a specialist in difficult access construction projects, has found a trusted partner in Hire Express for their equipment and machinery needs. With a diverse range of projects, Wayland Access and Rigging relies on Hire Express to provide high-quality equipment, allowing them to overcome challenging access limitations and deliver exceptional results.

Wayland Access and Rigging Director, Wayland Howard, explains, "We work for anyone in construction who needs to do a job where access is limited or seemingly impossible. Our projects range from assisting plumbers with core drilling pipes through high-rise buildings to tackling civil construction sites and geotechnical solutions."

As a company that requires equipment on a monthly basis, Wayland Access sought a rental provider that could deliver attention to detail and exceptional service. They found what they were looking for in Hire Express. "We prefer the attention to detail and quality of service provided by a smaller company, and Hire Express truly stands out in this way" says Wayland. Due to the nature of their business, Wayland Access requires a wide array of equipment, ranging from core drills to compressors. Hire Express, with its comprehensive inventory, ensures that Wayland Access has access to the specific products needed for each project. This flexibility enables Wayland Access to meet the unique requirements of their clients and complete tasks efficiently.

One standout job that demonstrated the effectiveness of the Wayland Access and Hire Express partnership was the removal of a large boulder from a precarious position on the main pipeline for the Warragamba Dam. This complex task involved a week of core drilling, rock splitting, and jackhammering, all equipment which was rented from Hire Express. Wayland Access maximised efficiency by utilising Hire Express's low-profile conveyor belts to safely transport debris under the pipeline, overcoming the access challenges posed by the project.

"By working with Hire Express, we have been able to tackle projects that seemed impossible due to restricted access. Their equipment and support have been crucial in our success", states Wayland. Likewise, Allen Besseling, CEO of Hire Express, acknowledges the synergy between the two companies, stating, "Wayland Access's dedication to delivering exceptional results aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing top-quality equipment and outstanding service."

Through their collaboration, Wayland Access and Hire Express continue to push boundaries, break access barriers, and exceed expectations in the construction industry. Their shared focus on quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction ensures that every project undertaken by Wayland Access is completed with efficiency and excellence.

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