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<< Customer Highlight: Sell and Parker

Tuesday, August 08 2023

Sell & Parker Metal Recycling Services has established itself as a true powerhouse in the world of scrap metal recycling since its inception in 1966. Dealing with a diverse range of materials, from planes and trains to white goods and all types of scrap metal, they have become a leading force in the industry. With over 400 dedicated employees and a network of 8 facilities spread across the country, including 6 yards in NSW and other manufacturing businesses, Sell & Parker's presence is far-reaching.

An outstanding achievement for Sell & Parker is their position as one of only three accredited suppliers to the prestigious Bluescope Steel, signifying their commitment to maintaining high standards. Additionally, their license to export scrap metal to China has further broadened their global footprint.

For Sell & Parker, the key to efficiency lies in utilizing the services of Hire Express, to provide the additional tools when needed. With Hire Express Blacktown located conveniently around the corner, Hire Express are able to provide them with backup tools when their equipment is out onsite, or broken. "Hire Express have a lot of gear that we need. This saves us money in outlaying for multiple tools, that we don’t always need" says Rob Ditrih, Sell and Parker, Group Maintenance Manager.

Hire Express serves as a dependable contingency plan for Sell & Parker. When unforeseen issues arise, Hire Express swiftly steps in with backup solutions, ensuring that Sell & Parker's operations continue without interruption. For instance, during a critical weekend job when their torque multiplier broke, Hire Express promptly provided a replacement, enabling the job to proceed seamlessly. "Thanks to Hire Express, a swift solution was provided, and the job kept going without delay." Says Ditrih.

Hire Express's comprehensive range of equipment has become indispensable for Sell & Parker's daily operations. From Enerpac Hydraulic tools and Torque Jack Hammers to Pressure washers, for drain unblocking and fencing for site works, the equipment offered by Hire Express perfectly complements Sell & Parker's needs.

By adopting an as-needed hiring approach, Sell & Parker efficiently manages costs and resources, optimizing their operations. Allen Besseling, CEO of Hire Express, highlights the significance of their collaboration: "With Sell and Parker, we really complete that circular economy. Together, they are making a positive impact in their industry and beyond."

For more information on Sell & Parker's exceptional services, visit their website.

Sell & Parker's journey in the world of scrap metal recycling has been nothing short of remarkable, and their partnership with Hire Express continues to propel them towards greater success. With both companies committed to making a positive impact in the industry and beyond, the future looks bright.




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