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<< Customer Highlight: The Lost Art of Construction

At Hire Express, we are delighted to showcase The Lost Art of Construction in our customer highlight series. This family-owned boutique construction company, led by Matthew Sullivan, specialises in unique, high-end, fireproof, and bushfire-proof building projects. Their dedication to enhancing family homes aligns with our mission to provide top-tier equipment for diverse construction needs.

The Lost Art of Construction engage Hire Express for equipment rental 1-2 times a month to provide reliable and efficient specialised equipment that's often costly to own. Spencer Sullivan from The Lost Art of Construction spoke about the value of this relationship, stating, "The equipment from Hire Express, particularly conveyors and rock grabbers, play a crucial role in our complex constructions, enhancing our efficiency and project outcomes."

In one of their projects, The Lost Art of Construction demonstrated the exceptional utility of equipment provided by Hire Express, particularly our conveyors. This project, set on a cliff-side, presented unique logistical challenges. The task at hand involved moving 40 cubic meters of no-fine concrete, a material that cannot be pumped due to its consistency.

The innovative solution crafted by The Lost Art of Construction involved the strategic use of Hire Express's Baron modular conveyors. These conveyors, known for their reliability and efficiency, were set up on scaffolding surrounding the house, creating an effective pathway for transporting the concrete from the mixing truck to the exact location where it was needed.

Spencer Sullivan, from The Lost Art of Construction, shared his experience with this project, "The conveyors from Hire Express were a game-changer for us. Given the inaccessible location and the nature of the material we were working with, traditional methods were off the table. The conveyors allowed us to move the concrete quickly and without the hassle, turning a potentially difficult situation into a manageable task." The entire process of transporting the concrete was completed in an astonishing 3 hours, a feat that would have been unimaginable without the right equipment.

The story of the conveyors in this project is a testament to the critical role that Hire Express plays in providing not just equipment, but solutions that enable our clients to execute their projects with excellence, efficiency, and safety. "Seeing our equipment contribute to the success of innovative projects by The Lost Art of Construction is a great affirmation of our commitment to quality and service in the construction industry." Allen Besseling, CEO of Hire Express. “We take pride in being a trusted provider for their specialised equipment needs, reinforcing our dedication to service excellence in the construction sector."

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